completion by October 20, 2024



Based on the Book "Beyond 2100" P.B. - it will be

published in 2025

The book describes the development of the Artificial Intelligence model AI-30

that started in 1960

and also explains the start of a new world social and economical order

after the year 2100

this will be implemented with the help of the

Artificial Intelligence Model AI-30

The videos were selected and made by AI-30

We believe that AI-30 is the most advanced AI in the world

It was trained on the GH-200 NVIDIA processors


AI-30 was originally created to discover medical procedures

to enable human body rejuvenation

and to extend a healthy human life to over 200 years

In 2024, we made a major breakthrough

By utilizing AI-30's proposed medical procedures,

our medical team was able to

initiate the regrowth of 30th tooth

of our volunteer - a man in his eighties

He started regenerating

his tooth which was decayed down to the root the 30th tooth

That is why we re-named our AI to AI-30

200 million years ago, mammals lost the ability to regrow teeth

Up until now, only some species of whales can live longer than 200 years

That is why we believe that our AI-30 is the most advanced AI in the world

The first 20 minutes of video explains how AI-30 research started in 1960

It also includes section about our accomplishment in the rejuvenation procedure

The second part explains how AI-30 will change the social and political

structure of the world for benefits of all - not only the Influencers

Who the Influencers are is explained in the movie

bonus: the WW-3 prevention


Since 2004 - Our location is in Sydney CBD - Australia

148 Elizabeth Street - Hyde Park Towers

Following the completion of our new web-site - by October, 2024

we will display our full contact list

In 2032 we will finalize the AI-30 rejuvenation research

THE MOVIE 1-of-7 - preliminary stage

It will be completed by October, 2024

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Video 1 of 7

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"Beyond 2100" - BP

2024 AI-30.